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Do you have a travelling fee?

If you have chosen a regular package and it's locally in  Ontario; then there may be no travelling fees. There are only travelling fees for larger distances, such as destinations or longer drives/hotel requirement. Inquire for details.

Where are you based?

D'Alessandro Films is film production company based out of London, Ontario & Southern Ontario Area but has traveled as far as Quebec, Kelowna, and Caribbean destinations. We are always looking to travel the world and capture the beauty behind it

Does your price include tax?

Taxes are included in the prices given (GST/HST).

Do we discuss special moments that we want recorded, song choices, and style of presentation?

I will send detailed questions after the contract signing. This process will find out exactly what you'd like for your film, including your music interests, style you'd like and moments that may be extra special to you. Having said that, every moment will be recorded to be seen in the raw footage.

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