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It began years ago as a wee, wee child. I would go to Jumbo Video (when it was around) with my mother and pick out three older movies for five dollars. These trips and owning countless movies such as Ace Ventura and Star Trek, were my first exposures to great filmmaking. Later in my teenage years, I had the privilege to watch the IMDb top 250. This included foreign films and films dating back to the early 20th century that were astounding timeless works of art and philosophical expression; not to mention entertaining. The one thing I noticed as I watched these magnificent and highly regarded films, is that all of them, I mean all of them have a great story filled with emotion, twists and turns.

I lived my early years full of dreams but never putting the work into any of them or believing that they were possible. Being Canadian born, it is hard to believe that you can make movies because of how Hollywood has been built up in our minds. So I entered University, Laurentian University in particular, as a business student. Before this I wrote constantly, from comedic skits to movie ideas.

I had the chance to take a Documentary class in second year as an elective and did so. This is where I got my first taste of filmmaking. It was exhilarating and a lot of work but did not feel like it wasn't worth it. I pitched my documentary idea on OSAP and was chosen to make it. I loved this experience so much that I catered my entire next year to the film classes. A couple years later, I transferred to my new destination, the University of Windsor, Ontario where I was going to study practical film and complete my Honours degree. I eventually got accepted into the Advanced Film Production sect of the program after portfolio review. In two short years I became engulfed in film entirely, instead of partying like typical students, I was on film sets until 6am in the morning doing everything from sound, to cinematography, lighting, directing and editing. In my final years I was chosen a lot to be cinematographer, and I loved being the main person behind the vision of the camera. I graduated with an Honours in Communication, Media & Film with a specialization in Advanced Film Production. I took mostly practical film courses, because in short, that is what I want to do with my life, not only as a career but as a lifestyle.

I have a drive to make original stuff and I crave the creative life. I have chosen the creative life over the business route that I excelled in. Although this is the case, I firmly believe in respectable pay even for filmmakers starting out. This is one of the hardest industries to break into and often people are abused beyond any other profession when starting out or even when they have experience.

I started D'Alessandro Films and it is constantly growing; as am I. This is one of the elements that differentiates me from others you may consider to hire. I want to impress, entertain and make beautiful art beyond just making a quick buck for a living. I grow in method, creativity and style every week. In the end my goal is not money, but rather to be happy, have fun, and make stuff I am proud of; this is success to me and holds true to the values of "D'Alessandro Films" as a freelancing and wedding videography company.

If there is one thing film has taught me, it is that anything is possible, any project is doable. You have to believe in what you are doing and put the work in it to make it happen.

The creative spirit lives in me as a person and I do not believe in creating unoriginal content, or films that trend and will be thrown away within a days time. My life is creative on a daily basis from cooking, to film, to music and even in the sports I play. I am an avid sport player with a competitive fierceness which may be why I want to be one the best. Having said that, I love collaboration and sport is simply collaboration; working towards a greater goal as a team.

I switched into film because I didn't want my end goal to be money, and I think the struggle I have had with University debt has taught me a few things. Mainly it has taught me that life and passion is more important than money.


Began working on the Web-Series "Radical Body Transformation" with the Producer "James Hergott" 

Freelance Videographer and Cinematographer

D'Alessandro Films Commences - Present

Have also done professional Gaffing on Corporate Sets (Lighting)

Practical short film and various other styled films in University.

Currently practicing short film production solo on a daily basis for artistic expression.

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