Rates differ from Project to Project depending on the following factors:

- Editing Time and Difficulty

- Hours of Coverage/Amount of Days Shooting

- Difficulty in Filming

- Equipment Used (more equipment typically means the difficulty increases)

- Location(s) and Travel if far

- Pre-Production Work (Planning, Shot Listing, Discussion, Concepts)

It is best to Contact, with as much project details as possible to get an accurate and realistic estimate.


D'Alessandro Films Statement:

This is not low quality, low budget work. D'Alessandro films has a focus on quality and creative filmmaking that will be long lasting and original. There is a minimum fee for low amount of hours of coverage because of editing time as well. Please provide D'Alessandro Films with as much detail as possible when looking for a quote.

We will try to work with your budget or if the budget needs to be stretched we will tell you so beforehand.