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This videography company has never really done a massive amount of marketing but yet is almost fully booked every year. How does this happen? We stand by the work we release and thats what attracts our clients, as it should.

The Story of The D'Alessandro Name.

One day at hockey, I was having a conversation with a fellow player on the team; a politician in London, ON in fact. He was intrigued by my filmmaking work and we continued to talk until names for it came up. 

I didn't want to go with something cheesy or gimmicky. Every name has been done and used many times. He suggested going with my last name, as he said, "it has a good sound and it is your work."

I thought to myself, I would like to be self-represented rather than having a cheesy slogan or through away name. From then on the company would be called D'Alessandro Films, a representation of my work and with my name directly on it.

Beyond this tale, the name is Italian meaning "From Alexander."


D'Alessandro Films leaves everything on the table. We don't hide anything from you or try to wheel you in with gimmicks. This is a quality service that ensures your product; knowing that you are financially and sentimentally invested in this special day. On this day you require the skill to have it captured in an unobtrusive and cinematic way that adds to your day instead of taking away from it. 

We believe in working towards a greater goal rather than competing for no reason, this is specifically useful when working along side a photographer. There shouldn't be competition; it should be working collaboratively to get exactly the material both professionals require.

D'Alessandro Films is continually growing. The film work a year ago, non the less a month ago will not be similar to newer works. The storytelling, creativity and technical skills are continually evolving to be better. D'Alessandro Films goal is not to make money but rather to enjoy work, be creative and live a life full of love, passion and story.


Simply put, D'Alessandro Films goal is to be one of the best in the field. By best I don't mean to make the most money or to intrude to get the best shot. D'Alessandro Films will not be obtrusive to gain a better shot but rather will work in function with your day to make it better.

Our philosophy is to enjoy life and the passion that goes with filmmaking. It is not work, but rather a way of storytelling and creative outreach.

Values of The Company

We do not believe in gimmicks, such as multiple cameras or gaining more money by multiple videographers. Everything filmed by D'Alessandro Films has been done by one classically trained filmmaker from University and Endless Practice, whom has done everything solo. We do not try to fake or pose the entire day; the way we direct is totally different from traditional videography to get a more authentic feel.

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