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I want stories to be shown in an authentic way and as complex as the people or characters starring in them. Whether it be a film or a wedding film, life is not simple, so why should our stories be. I love my work, did I just say work? I don't even consider it work because I enjoy it so much. 

I love the freedom & independence involved in doing filmmaking. Whether it be collaborating on a film, or doing a wedding film solo, cooking, or writing a script; I enjoy all facets of the process. When I was young I would say "all by self" which my brother likes to allude to although sometimes I think he exaggerates the speech a bit. This statement means I can work independently and strive to be the best self I can be.


My quest for originality and new content with my own style is something that will never end. I truly do love this field of filmmaking as an art form. Whether it is making a beautiful untold story come to life, or making something visually appealing that will entertain. Movies inspire, have ethics in motion, and stories that reflect ideas that answer the question “what if,” and “what could be.” They show real examples and yet they are creations, pieced together by whole lot of people. Just as stories in novels, they are never entirely and thoroughly objectified; perhaps that is a part of what it means to be human. People can say movies are make belief but what if you could capture something real; we all wear personas everyday and do not speak full truths hence, are we not real? You can imitate and create real emotion and story with filmmaking that can be taken as real life examples. Those what if moments or “Kodak moments,” where you wish you had a camera but you rather not spoil the moment by grabbing one unless someone already has a camera. This is what I would like to call "organic shooting," for both movies and candid things such as wedding films. Storytelling is a big part of humanity. It teaches us, shows us, and guides us meanwhile making our lives more fulfilling in the process.

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