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Although subjective, there is always a reason to get videography for your wedding. Weddings are about love, family, and a party to last a lifetime. Having all family and friends under one roof is the number one reason to have it captured.


Secondly, I’d love to be able to see my parent's wedding or my grandparent's film, wouldn't you? Rather I'd love to see them in any film not just a wedding film. This is the legacy that videography captures; the timeless memories that years from now you can show your children, nephews, grand children what you were like at that age. It's not only to show memories but to enjoy together as a family or friends, in a form of entertainment perhaps over some drinks. I have seen pictures of my grandparents and parents, even silly ones, but this does not come close to entertaining me as much as a video would with audio, motion and personality that authentically shows what these loved ones were like. I truly do miss my grand parents as they have passed from this world and there only remains a fading memory.


Also, I never got to know my Italian grandmother as she died before I was born. It would be amazing to have a film to know her in any way possible.


Cinematography is a more filmmaking oriented, professional and artistic way of saying the director of photography on a filmset. More often, real filmmakers like to be called by the title cinematographer rather than a videographer.

Cinematography is the art of taking all those candid moments and making them into a beautiful visual & audible story with the shots and editing. It will take the best moments and make an entirely entertaining film.

D'Alessandro Films focuses on story, and one of the most important and powerful tools of storytelling is cinematography. We do not bundle services, or shoot on fifty cameras. We follow the technical wisdom of filmmaking that says to focus on the one shot on hand; making that one the best. Otherwise you'll end up with four or more mediocre shots that you won't want to use in editing.

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