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We offer customized packages as well, simply inquire and we can talk.


  • 2 Videographers

(You will get an additional videographer to cover more angles, especially helpful during the ceremony)

  • 4K Final Films

(This is future proof quality, crystal clear on any decent tv, very big file sizes)

  • a Usb or DVD

(Usb stick is recommended to store your footage and Final Film(s), it does not degrade in quality over time, DVD is recommended if you want a cheaper way to send to relatives, friends and family)

  • Drone

(Takes overview shots of your beautiful venue, and creative shots with the couple with one of the best drones)

  • Complete Speech Film w/ quality audio (or Uncut)

(If you'd like a Film Specific with speeches with the audio edited to pristine)

  • Complete Ceremony Film w/ quality audio (or Uncut)

(Add Entire Ceremony with Vows, and good audio, all moments captured and coloured)

  • All the Raw Footage

(All the footage from the day, to keep for generations! Either in 1 film or Original ProRes)

  • Guest Interviews

(The videographer will ask the guests questions during cocktail hour, for funny answers)

  • 30 Minute Documentary Film

(Longer Film, Cinematic Edit, Including all of the days special moments)

  • Destination Wedding

(Weddings abroad, D'Alessandro Films will travel anywhere to make a special film)

  • Extra Days to Shoot

(Add additional days of filming to the packages, this helps make a more complete story)

  • Engagement Shoots

(Packages of any hours, any day of the day available)

  • Save the Date Film

(Packages of any hours, any day of the day available)

  • Proposals

(Packages of any hours, any day of the day available)

  • Full Day Coverage

(Additional charge, D'Alessandro Films will stay until the wee hours of the morning filming it all!

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