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Destination Wedding Package

(Pricing Typically Includes Travel + Accommodation + a Fee Depending On Hours Coverage + Additional Days Filming) 

  • 5 Minute Cinematic Film or Longer depending on the pricing

(Taking Your Personal Preferences Into Consideration)

  • 10 Hours Coverage on the Wedding day + other days depending on pricing

(Extended Hour Coverage, will depend on pricing)

  • All the raw footage from the day

(This means you'll get all the footage in one or two film files in chronological order)

  • High resolution sound recording, pro/clear sounding audio

(Clear Audio of Speeches, Vows, Reading Notes, Presents, Interviews)

  • 1 Professional videographer/cinematographer

(Experienced & Schooled at University Filmmaker who knows every aspect

  • Professionally colour graded trailer and film

(Both Films will look clean cut and coloured to impress)

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